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2. Three columns from The Houston Post, 1986 and 1987:

Author’s Note: These book evaluations demonstrate the immense difficulty of “reviewing” lengthy published works of the anthological variety within a stringent word limit. Covering a single volume in one short column is hard enough, but trying to do three books in one (“Evoking the Essence…”) proved to be a particular challenge. One could only try for cogency, not detail or revelation. It will seem strange that my “treatise” on appreciating and getting the best out of the Mapleson cylinders doesn’t say a word about any of the individual singers or their performances. That’s because a companion article of equal length, “The Sounds of Yesteryear” by William Albright, appeared side-by-side with my “how to” effort and handled the artistic appraisal perfectly. The original last word of my piece, by the way, was bog, as in “…like diamonds peeking out of a bog.” The editor thought the ‘o’ was a typo, and “corrected” me accordingly. Perhaps I was being too cute by half in the first place, but the image still appeals to me more than that of the bag. Final comment: the titles are not of my choosing.




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